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A young man with acute chest pain and a limp (acute aortic dissection), a case report and review.
Hospital Update 1985; 11: 751-758.
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Oral labetalol in the management of stable angina pectoris in normotensive patients.
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Isosorbide 5 mononitrate - Effective monotherapy in chronic stable angina.
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Effects of coronary revascularisation on ejection fraction and abnormally documented diastolic blood pressure response to exercise testing.
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Nitrate patches are ineffective in stable angina.
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An interim report on the efficacy of isosorbide mononitrate in a sustained release formulation in patients with stable angina.
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Physical and psychological correlates of severe heart disease in men.
Psychol Med 1987; 17: 695-703.
Bass C, Akhras F.
Does atenolol improve physical and psychological function after coronary artery bypass surgery: A controlled study.
J Psychosom Res 1987; 31: 521-529.
Bass C, Akhras F, Upward JW, Keates J, Lowe D, Harry J and Jackson G.
Direct and indirect diastolic blood pressure measurements on exercise before and after coronary artery surgery.
J Am Coll Cardiol 1988; 11, No.2: 102 A.
Akhras F, Keates J, Jackson G.
Genetic linkage analysis of collagen genes in familial mitral valve prolapse.
Br Heart J 1989; 61: 300-306.
Wordsworth P, Ogilvie D, Akhras F, Jackson G, Sykes B.
Prediction of outcome following acute uncomplicated myocardial infarction: A study of 394 patients with 5 year follow-up.
Br Heart J 1989; 61: 120-121.
Akhras F, Jackson G.
A randomized double-blind cross-over comparative study of isosorbide mononitrate and nifedipine retard in chronic stable angina.
Int J Cardiol 1989; 24: 191-196.
Akhras F, Chambers J, Jefferies S, Jackson G.
Epanolol. A new once daily cardio-selective beta blocker with partial agonist activity for stable angina pectoris: Acute and long- term efficacy.
Drugs 1989; 38 (Suppl 2): 28-34.
Akhras F, Jackson G.
The effect of beta-blockade, coronary bypass surgery and both treatments combined on silent ischaemia; one year follow-up.
Eur Heart J 1989; 10 Suppl A: 55 No 279.
Akhras F, Jackson G.
Effect of partial agonist activity on the side effects of beta- blockade in patients with chronic stable angina.
Drugs 1989; 38 (Suppl 2): 39-44.
Chambers J, Ong ML, Akhras F, Adam G, Jackson G.
Publications: 16 to 30 of 65 - [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]